Saturday, August 23, 2008

Meet Kristen Bradley. The face behind my upcoming album "A Priceless Affair."

Meet Kristen Bradley.The Extraordinary face behind my upcoming album "A Priceless Affair."
Meet her here

We recently sat down and chopped it up about her and her career. She is a serious, determined, and professional woman. I very much enjoyed working with her and look forward to our continued work.

1. When did you decide to model, and what seperates you from the rest.
-My strong interest in modeling came when I was in 8th grade and I was like "this is what I want to do" I started researching and fell in love with modeling and from then on I took baby steps to get closer to where I was trying to go with the industry.

2. What are your goals, and upcoming plans.
-My main goal is to be a victoria's secret model. But I want to do print and advertisement. One of my upcoming events is going to be a fashion show in Atlanta, Ga at the end of August called Visual Erections.

3. What field of modeling do you service and what else do you want to do.
-I want to be open to new things so I dont really have one specific category that I "specialize" in or just stick with. I more than likely wont be doing any playboy type modeling...right now I just don't see myself going that route.

4. Share anything interesting about you.
-Everything about me is interesting :)
But I would say one of the most interesting things about me is that I love the smell of brand new shoes....I dont know what it is, but I love it lol

5. Favs.( Food,music,artist,movie,place,thing.) and the absolute thing you cannot live without.
-Food: Italian
I love all genres of music, with the exception of bluegrass and Hard Rock
Dont really have a lot of favorites....I'm boring lol. I just like to be open-minded and not stick to one particular thing. My favorite snack is candy!! I can't stay away from it and I would more than likely choose that over a snack cake any day! lol
-The one thing I absolutely cannot live without is God! Its just impossible for me...
Another thing I can live without, but would not choose to, is Victoria's Secret lip gloss! I gotta have it! lol

6. Share any opinion or thoughts on video girls and the current image of women.
-The current image of women has not been a very good one. As far as video girls are concerned, just from watching the music videos, we are stereotyped as being very materialistic and sleeping with men just to get a higher status or just simply looking trashy. Women have been portrayed in negative ways in many music videos and it makes people view all women that way, no matter what race they are. I just hope in the future that women find themselves want to be shown as more tasteful rather than trashy.

7. Your very breathtakingly beautiful and seem very confident. Can you share any advice to women that may not feel beautiful or consider themselves " modeling material."
-Wow, thank you so much for that wonderful compliment!
Well, never close yourself off to what you want to do...Always reach for what you want to achieve and work hard for it. Stay encouraged and know that anything is possible. And the most important things is to NEVER compare yourself to anyone else. That has helped me a lot by reminding myself that I am ME and God made me beautifully and wonderfully. You should always remind yourself of this because we are beautiful people and there is no need to feel insecure or ugly. You are one of a kind.

8. If you weren't modeling what would you want to do.
-I would be a clothing designer and hair and make-up artist. That is what I originally want to do before I wanted to do modeling and it is something that I will still pursue in the near future.

9. Name a job you wouldn't want to do.
-There are millions of jobs in this world, but one that I know I could not do is be a call girl or work in an escort service company

10. Where can we see more of Kristen Bradley and her work.
-Well, as of now, you can see more of my work on and on
Hopefully soon, you'll see me in more magazines along with other advertisements!

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