Saturday, November 22, 2008

Upcoming Projects........2009

These are a few ideas i have in mind to complete in 2009. Overall I wish to become more involved & recognized with any music and entertainment. 2 Major plans this year is to become trademarked, and work harder.

Ok, here are the projects. However most of these I plan to begin working on in 2009 so in a sense i wish to finish quality before quantity.

  1. " Untitled" / or "Manifesto." (This album is another instrumental experiment or score, intended for filmmakers, or commercial leasing. My inspiration behind this is Asian horror, & Anime. I want to create sort of (the most beautiful and complex music i've ever attempted, sort of scored to the best asian horror and anime film i can imagine.) Most of the titles will derive from the film titles and quotes or words from the movies.
  2. "Untitled." or Self titled- My first Industry/ Underground album. I haven't found the material to write about yet but i kinda wanna create it from "Dr.Dre's work ethic, Timbalands ability to create a new sound, and Dead Prez's msg . All lyrically inspired by 2Pac, Biggie, Jay-z, UGK, & Eightball & MJG.
  3. " My first beat tape."- This will be instrumentals & remixes, available for lease and sale. I want to create a series of beat cd's that can create an enviroment for the artist to begin with. I want them to conform to MY sound and not me to the industry.
  4. "Me and Allen" 1st album, long awaited. I know once he hears the music, he'll wanna get down on it.
  5. Re-Write/ who packed your plate- find an editor.
  6. Begin shooting short films.
  7. Website
  8. Trademark.

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