Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Review- “Letters to a young brotha” By Hill Harper.


    Overall I feel satisfied, inspired, and encouraged after finishing this book. Im most interested in improving my relationship with my little cousin (Eric) rather than my sons, Eric over the years has sort of become my mentee or rather a young soul I wish to guide positively and support.

    Ok, to the review in a minute, (or 2). I wasn't going to do a review but in light of joining "the gentleman's club" at I take some responsibility to spark other discussions and subjects other than me and Mike's current challenge (which I will win, lol. Whats good Mike "the solution" ) So, I'd primarily like to share this for my comrades and any young soul willing to listen (or read lol)

    You can google the gist of the book but I'll give you a minimal trailer, the book covers the exchange of letters between a "young brotha" and Hill harper (He's starred in many films and the t.v show CSI: NY) Game recognize game, if you know his name you know his game. I know Hill Harper from several films, I hardly watch csi, but I dig his movies. Ok, so he shares the emails between he and the "young brotha", whom asks hill for advice on everything from girls,money, sex ,and purpose in life. There are also a few emails which Hill enlists some of Hollywood's elite to help and encourage the "young brotha". One great point in the book comes from now our 44th president who attended college with Hill and at the time of the book, Hill suggests that people see Barack as one day becoming the president of the United States,. I wonder how hill and the "young brotha' feel about that coming true. There's some great stars in there sharing hope and affirmations, Hill seems to genuinely want to guide and help this "Young brotha" . Im going to call my younger cousin and ask would he read the book if I let him borrow it, listen kids want to do good, and if you give them the chance, most of them will rise up to the challenge humbly.


    I dig the book, not LOVE IT but I dig it, something that proves to me there is still power in us men to raise young men, even if they aren't are children. We don't all have to take up a mentee ,or adopt a child. We all have talents and a passion for something, and if we can manifest that to others especially young men, in some shape form or fashion, I think all of our 'young brothas" will follow our footsteps and guidance. So don't judge our young men, encourage them, support them, share YOUR story with them so they can see you DO know what your talking about.

Im no big blogger but there you have it, my review..


3/5 bottles popped.