Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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Monday, September 28, 2009

More school, no summer vacation? (your thoughts.)

From the associated press (More school- Obama would curtail summer vacation)
Read the entire article here, below i share my thoughts.

Immediately after reading this article i ask myself and all other parents reading this. Should we have longer hours and classes in school,year round school, OR spend more time reading and following up with our children at home?

To me longer school and more hours is like when the teacher spent days teaching the same lesson or the entire class explaining the work and you were thinking "Ughhhhhhh, can we come on, i got it already, these folks need to catch up and pay attention."

So i think we aren't spending enough time with our children at home teaching them AND we should check into theyre teachers. Some kids (like my daughter) get a little bored, learning the same thing over and over, or not being challenged. And are the teachers passionate about teaching or just reading from the book and lesson plans?

Whatever works to keep our children educated im all for it. One good thing that could come of this is children don't have time to run the streets or get into trouble. So why not create more after school programs, maybe even make it mandatory for the children (parent allowed) to remain in after school care once enrolled. (maybe thats a little too much like jail.

Think about it if you work 8-10 hrs a day, how much do you look forward to a day off, or the weekend or vacation. And what will this mean for the parents whom work during the extended school hrs, will we have to pay for extended transportation or adjust our work schedules?

I'd love to learn more about this, because its pretty sad the government has to step they game up to raise OUR children, since we cant seem to do it ourselves, but hey maybe its for the better. (illuminati anyone) lol

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hilayna Starr - Diamonds place model of the week. Show her some love.

Hilayna Starr
Age: 22
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Q:1)Ethnicity or where your from

A:) I am Filippina, Japanese, and Irish. And I was born in a little town called Altoona, Pa!!!!

Q:2) Desired aspirations or current business

A:) I plan on being the new music icon inthe industry. I am in the middle of getting my first self titled album together and out for everyone to get ahold of! I am also looking to further my modeling career as well. Along with getting my business degree!

Q:3) Preferred photographers & work.

A:) Myprefered photographer would have to be a photographer from Pittsburgh,Pa by the name of Chris Gooden. He is an amazing photographer and he has so much talent!

Q:4)Turn ons

A:)I would have to say my turn ons would be the man I am with now!!!

Q:5)Turn offs

A:)My turn offs would be a person who talks too much and braggs about what they don't have!

Q:6)Fun fact

A:) A fun fact about me would have to be I don't make it around corners I hit everyone I try to go around lol. I guess I am just clumsy!!!

Q:7) Currently listening to.

A:) My self to see how I can myself better and also the one and only Michael Jackson!! And I am on a real big Jay-Z kick right now!

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HOLLA BACK: How do celebrity stars go BROKE? I want to know. (Jasmine Guy files for Bankruptcy)

Below is an article from TVOne, about the beautiful humble gracious (seemingly) Star of "A Different World" Jasmine Guy (Remember yall she was cool with 2pac?, just a fun fact). Read the article and i would love to hear from anyone IN the industry to explain to us common folks, how celebrity's go broke.


Jasmine Guy has filed for bankruptcy.
In tragic irony news, Jasmine Guy, famous for playing the privileged and pampered (yet oh so lovable) “Whitley Gilbert” on A Different World just had to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
While she did indeed get to keep her most cherished possessions in her divorce settlement with Terrence Mitchell Duckett, she also kept a pile of debt.
TMZ reports that documents filed in L.A. Superior Court show she filed for Chapter 13 due to the couple’s load of debt.
Guy herself owes $123,503.64 in back taxes and penalties… plus interest. Her husband owes $94,354.71.
Jasmine has gotten herself a role on the popular new series, “Vampire Diaries,” so here’s to hoping that check goes to the tax man and not the corner store dude for a pack of Newports (ya’ll know Whitley smokes).
Or: Try to come out with another single. Talk all the noise you want, but everyone knows Jasmine Guy’s “Try Me” was that knock.
YOUR SPIN: How do you think stars go broke?  Tell us here.
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(*The views contained herein are solely the views of their respective authors, and do not express the views of TV One. TV One does not take responsibility for their content.)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Free Cars? In a Recession? THIS IS LUDACRIS

It will be raining cars this LudaDay weekend all over Atlanta.
Rapper, actor and now humanitarian, Ludacris and his nonprofit foundation are partnering with Nissan South to give away 20 used vehicles, plus a month's worth of free gas to qualifying Atlanta residents.
Ludacris started The Ludacris Foundation in an effort to share some of his blessings by giving back to the community. His LudaCare initiative is dedicated to supporting young people and families in dire need of help. The "Stars for Cars LudaDay Weekend" will help those families who lack transportation to get back and forth to work or even to a day care.

The event will take place Sept. 6, between 1pm and 3pm at the dealership. To enter the contest, participants must apply by Sept. 3 to The Ludacris Foundation at Contestants should currently not own a vehicle, be at least 18 years old and have a valid Georgia drivers license; they should also include their names, addresses and contact information. Applicants will also be asked to submit a one-page essay on why they think they deserve a car.

An added FYI: All donated vehicles will have passed emissions and Georgia State safety requirements. Each vehicle donated will also carry a standard 30-day powertrain warranty. Winners will be responsible for taxes, registration, tags and insurance. So ...


The Vanishing Black Male (share your comments below.)

I found this documentary while surfing ( and would like to share it, and my thoughts with you. 
Great film. I agree, were not vanishing (but i can see how some can arrive at that conception or ideal.)

We, black men are simply becoming watered down.Were not as proud, educated, strong,supported, uplifted, responsible, encouraging.

True, most of us black men are either dead or in jail. But instead of looking at where we are lets examine how we got there and how we can prevent or save us through.

War- Im all for supporting anyone that fights for our country or any country, but whyyyyy, are so many of us dying in war, what exactly are we fighing for when we have a huge battle at home. Lets take care of home first then the world.

Jail- Poverty, lack of education, little to no moral up bringing. All can lead to prison. We are kings by nature , and often provide security and a lifestyle for ourselves and families. The fact that most of us cannot find jobs quickly enough (because they are out there,) We turn to other means of income, or simply give up. You can't knock a man for providing for his family by dealing drugs, robbing banks, when his back is against the wall. Society constantly lifts those of high caliber and frowns on lower class citizens.

Responsible- Were not raising responsible morally aware men, so they begin a path on the wrong road. Some choose better later on in life and some are trapped.

Were not raising enough black men. Theyre becoming manufactured. (Propoganda, music and entertainment, and very secret plots to dilute our communities, read "the willie lynch papers" still very relevant.)

One by one we should do our part whether its with our own children or being an example, and for those of us that can afford it financially and morally, lets do more than just be an example, take a young man or woman under your wing. When you click play, it will securely re direct you to the home site (snag films)