Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hilayna Starr - Diamonds place model of the week. Show her some love.

Hilayna Starr
Age: 22
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Q:1)Ethnicity or where your from

A:) I am Filippina, Japanese, and Irish. And I was born in a little town called Altoona, Pa!!!!

Q:2) Desired aspirations or current business

A:) I plan on being the new music icon inthe industry. I am in the middle of getting my first self titled album together and out for everyone to get ahold of! I am also looking to further my modeling career as well. Along with getting my business degree!

Q:3) Preferred photographers & work.

A:) Myprefered photographer would have to be a photographer from Pittsburgh,Pa by the name of Chris Gooden. He is an amazing photographer and he has so much talent!

Q:4)Turn ons

A:)I would have to say my turn ons would be the man I am with now!!!

Q:5)Turn offs

A:)My turn offs would be a person who talks too much and braggs about what they don't have!

Q:6)Fun fact

A:) A fun fact about me would have to be I don't make it around corners I hit everyone I try to go around lol. I guess I am just clumsy!!!

Q:7) Currently listening to.

A:) My self to see how I can myself better and also the one and only Michael Jackson!! And I am on a real big Jay-Z kick right now!

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