Wednesday, September 23, 2009

HOLLA BACK: How do celebrity stars go BROKE? I want to know. (Jasmine Guy files for Bankruptcy)

Below is an article from TVOne, about the beautiful humble gracious (seemingly) Star of "A Different World" Jasmine Guy (Remember yall she was cool with 2pac?, just a fun fact). Read the article and i would love to hear from anyone IN the industry to explain to us common folks, how celebrity's go broke.


Jasmine Guy has filed for bankruptcy.
In tragic irony news, Jasmine Guy, famous for playing the privileged and pampered (yet oh so lovable) “Whitley Gilbert” on A Different World just had to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
While she did indeed get to keep her most cherished possessions in her divorce settlement with Terrence Mitchell Duckett, she also kept a pile of debt.
TMZ reports that documents filed in L.A. Superior Court show she filed for Chapter 13 due to the couple’s load of debt.
Guy herself owes $123,503.64 in back taxes and penalties… plus interest. Her husband owes $94,354.71.
Jasmine has gotten herself a role on the popular new series, “Vampire Diaries,” so here’s to hoping that check goes to the tax man and not the corner store dude for a pack of Newports (ya’ll know Whitley smokes).
Or: Try to come out with another single. Talk all the noise you want, but everyone knows Jasmine Guy’s “Try Me” was that knock.
YOUR SPIN: How do you think stars go broke?  Tell us here.
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