Monday, September 28, 2009

More school, no summer vacation? (your thoughts.)

From the associated press (More school- Obama would curtail summer vacation)
Read the entire article here, below i share my thoughts.

Immediately after reading this article i ask myself and all other parents reading this. Should we have longer hours and classes in school,year round school, OR spend more time reading and following up with our children at home?

To me longer school and more hours is like when the teacher spent days teaching the same lesson or the entire class explaining the work and you were thinking "Ughhhhhhh, can we come on, i got it already, these folks need to catch up and pay attention."

So i think we aren't spending enough time with our children at home teaching them AND we should check into theyre teachers. Some kids (like my daughter) get a little bored, learning the same thing over and over, or not being challenged. And are the teachers passionate about teaching or just reading from the book and lesson plans?

Whatever works to keep our children educated im all for it. One good thing that could come of this is children don't have time to run the streets or get into trouble. So why not create more after school programs, maybe even make it mandatory for the children (parent allowed) to remain in after school care once enrolled. (maybe thats a little too much like jail.

Think about it if you work 8-10 hrs a day, how much do you look forward to a day off, or the weekend or vacation. And what will this mean for the parents whom work during the extended school hrs, will we have to pay for extended transportation or adjust our work schedules?

I'd love to learn more about this, because its pretty sad the government has to step they game up to raise OUR children, since we cant seem to do it ourselves, but hey maybe its for the better. (illuminati anyone) lol

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