Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Vanishing Black Male (share your comments below.)

I found this documentary while surfing (iseecolor.com) and would like to share it, and my thoughts with you. 
Great film. I agree, were not vanishing (but i can see how some can arrive at that conception or ideal.)

We, black men are simply becoming watered down.Were not as proud, educated, strong,supported, uplifted, responsible, encouraging.

True, most of us black men are either dead or in jail. But instead of looking at where we are lets examine how we got there and how we can prevent or save us through.

War- Im all for supporting anyone that fights for our country or any country, but whyyyyy, are so many of us dying in war, what exactly are we fighing for when we have a huge battle at home. Lets take care of home first then the world.

Jail- Poverty, lack of education, little to no moral up bringing. All can lead to prison. We are kings by nature , and often provide security and a lifestyle for ourselves and families. The fact that most of us cannot find jobs quickly enough (because they are out there,) We turn to other means of income, or simply give up. You can't knock a man for providing for his family by dealing drugs, robbing banks, when his back is against the wall. Society constantly lifts those of high caliber and frowns on lower class citizens.

Responsible- Were not raising responsible morally aware men, so they begin a path on the wrong road. Some choose better later on in life and some are trapped.

Were not raising enough black men. Theyre becoming manufactured. (Propoganda, music and entertainment, and very secret plots to dilute our communities, read "the willie lynch papers" still very relevant.)

One by one we should do our part whether its with our own children or being an example, and for those of us that can afford it financially and morally, lets do more than just be an example, take a young man or woman under your wing. When you click play, it will securely re direct you to the home site (snag films)

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