Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Model of the week. Christyana Oct 13th 2009

Age: 22

Quote: "The more a man knows, the more he forgives." -Catherine the Great

Measurement: 36c, 24,34

Model Mayhem: www.modelmayhem.com/chrys

Q:Where are you from, ethnicity?
      A:I am from Cincinnati,Ohio and I live in Cincinnati and Atlanta. I know its very confusing lol. I am mixed with African American, Puerto Rican, and Caucasian.
Q:Fun fact Little known fact.
      A:I love to play laser tag and roller blade..Though I rarely have time to do either of those things. I am a BIG kid J

Q:Aspirations , ideal photographers and business plans.
        A:My aspirations are to do my best at anything I set forth to do. I use to say I want to be the best at anything I do, but there is ALWAYS someone better than you at what you do.  My ideal photographers are photographers that come up with powerful creative ideas and aren’t afraid to tell me how they want the picture to turn out, but also not afraid to try my ideas as well. Right now I am preparing for the launch of my website, as well as the relaunch of my current company (Life and Royalty Modeling) and in the midst of all of that I am preparing for my next business venture, but I unfortunately can’t release any information on it right now L. I have just recently been announced as the Modeling Editor for Ourbloc.com so that is something else I am excited about.

 Q:Favorite film and why.
          A: My favorite film right now has to be “HangOver” that movie was hilarious. I could watch it a million times.  
Q:Turn on
    A:I can’t just name one turn on I have to name several because they go hand and hand. Men with goals and ambition, respectful and has manners for not only me but my friends and family.  Being attractive is nice but as I get older I find that it is not all it’s cracked up to be. You have to have lots of personality and can hold an intellectual conversation, while also being able to have lots of fun.
Q:Turn off
         A: A man that tries to buy a woman’s love or attention. If you want a woman to take interest in you then you need to invest in the time to find out what her interests are.

Q: Why be a model, and what are your other talents
        A: I love modeling and all aspects of being glammed up. You get to play different roles that you wouldn’t get to play in every day life. Modeling is a nice and fun way to lead me into my future goals, which involve me owning my own modeling agency. My other talents consist of massage therapy, singing, acting, and writing.

Q:You like best in a man or woman_
        A: (man) Ambition is the best

Q:If the president and congress passed one of your laws or legislation what would it be.
          A:I don’t think that I could give one answer for that. There are so many things that still need to be changed that I couldn’t just settle on one.

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"Good hair" Are we as blacks our worst critics?

Check out this clip from an episode of Oprah. Chris Rocks film "Good hair", has succeeded in raising dialouge amongst america and within our african american community. However as always, a black woman, "Seemingly corporate or middle class" HAD to stand up and sound off on something she was too lazy to do her homework on. She had a strong opinion, in dis taste of his film and SHE HASN'T EVEN SAW IT YET!!!!!!!!!!. Watch below and lets discuss it.

My point is, i understand not everyone is going to agree with everything good or bad with our community. However  My points are the following
  1. Chris rock (a comedian) uncovers strong truths within his comedy, his material is always honest and initiates neccessary dialouge from everything between, Sex,relationships, politics, and now "Black hair"
  2. If he did some PBS special with Oprah narrating, and negro spirtuals, there would of been hundreds of urban hairdressers in out rage "why he aint keepin it real, this ain't what black hair is about."
  3. Suppose he did a film about Black men's hair, then women would be mad that he didn't do a movie about black womens hair.

He is simply asking a question " WHY DO WE FOCUS SO MUCH TIME AND MONEY ON OUR HAIR?" We should be proud of our heritage, and if we want to be different and invest in stylings, then we shouldn't be looked upon as "sell outs". RESPECT individuality, do not discriminate based upon your beliefs, status quo, or ignorance.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Jonathan Mccoy 11yrs old. "Commited to eliminating the "N" word"

I dont think you can "get rid of " ANY word, how about we educate our youth, as this man shows such knowledge and passion for his beliefs. Just because we get rid of it doesn't mean people will quit acting like it and treating us this way.

Here's the vid. Post ya comments.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Diamonds place" Model of the week. Kristal Ashely

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Kristal Ashely 
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 125 lbs
Measurements: 36-26-36

Kristal Ashely

1. Where are you from, ethnicity?
   I was born in LA but raised in NJ, and im alllll African American lol
2. Fun fact Little known fact.  
Im a cancer survivor (Hodgkin Lymphoma)
3. Aspirations , ideal photographers and business plans.
Well my aspirations are to be successful in Modeling or with my Degree in Media Arts and Animation (when i receive it only 36 credits to go!),No ideal photographers right now i don't have favorites although i do love GHA Photography and Terry Lewis Photography, and no business plans for now but if anyone has any for my please contact me.
4. Currently listening to? Whats the next album your waiting to get.
Nothing in particular i have my ZUNE on shuffle right now lol, but ive been watching "Real Housewives of Atlanta" so im interested to see what Kandi comes out with.
5. Favorite film and why. 
Ok well favorite non cartoon movie is "Devil wears Prada" because as a model i love fashion! Favorite 2D cartoon movie "Emperors New Groove" check it out its soooo funny, and last but not least favorite 3D Movie is "Finding Nemo" Cant help it but i love it!
6. Turn on 
Funny men, you have to make me laugh. I cant be with someone boring. And I LOVE being showered with attention! Like 24/7!
7. Turn off  
Lol boring men and men who ignore me!
8. Why be a model, and what are your other talents
Well ive been told since i was like 13 i should model and how photogenic i am so i decided why not? I really gave me alot of confidence (I thought i was ugly as a child ill include a picture, looking back i think i was adorable). And my other talents I can paint, draw, sew, dance, cheerlead, act, i just cant sing lol.
9. You like best in a man or woman
I guess being funny i love laughing! It relieves stress and keeps you young!
10. If the president and congress passed one of your laws or legislation what would it be
.Um I dont really have a law, i guess i would make it illegal to pick on people (bullying) because it really can do damage.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hasan is "In tune with t.mill" Oct.5th. 2009


Experience at its finest.
Hasan is "In tune with T.mill"
Monday night October 5th, 2009
10pm est/ 7pm pst.

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You heard his Real talk 

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                10/5/2009 10 pm est: 7pm pst.