Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Good hair" Are we as blacks our worst critics?

Check out this clip from an episode of Oprah. Chris Rocks film "Good hair", has succeeded in raising dialouge amongst america and within our african american community. However as always, a black woman, "Seemingly corporate or middle class" HAD to stand up and sound off on something she was too lazy to do her homework on. She had a strong opinion, in dis taste of his film and SHE HASN'T EVEN SAW IT YET!!!!!!!!!!. Watch below and lets discuss it.

My point is, i understand not everyone is going to agree with everything good or bad with our community. However  My points are the following
  1. Chris rock (a comedian) uncovers strong truths within his comedy, his material is always honest and initiates neccessary dialouge from everything between, Sex,relationships, politics, and now "Black hair"
  2. If he did some PBS special with Oprah narrating, and negro spirtuals, there would of been hundreds of urban hairdressers in out rage "why he aint keepin it real, this ain't what black hair is about."
  3. Suppose he did a film about Black men's hair, then women would be mad that he didn't do a movie about black womens hair.

He is simply asking a question " WHY DO WE FOCUS SO MUCH TIME AND MONEY ON OUR HAIR?" We should be proud of our heritage, and if we want to be different and invest in stylings, then we shouldn't be looked upon as "sell outs". RESPECT individuality, do not discriminate based upon your beliefs, status quo, or ignorance.

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  1. Please take a moment to check out my documentary film BLACK HAIR

    It is free at youtube. 6 parts including an update from London, England.

    It explores the Korean Take-over of the Black Beauty Supply and Hair biz..

    The current situation makes it hard to believe that Madame C.J. Walker once ran the whole thing.

    I am not a hater, I am a motivator.

    Plus I am a White guy who stumbled upon this, and felt it was so wrong I had to make a film about it.

    self-funded film, made from the heart.

    Can it be taken back?



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