Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Diamonds place" Model of the week. Kristal Ashely

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Kristal Ashely 
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 125 lbs
Measurements: 36-26-36

Kristal Ashely

1. Where are you from, ethnicity?
   I was born in LA but raised in NJ, and im alllll African American lol
2. Fun fact Little known fact.  
Im a cancer survivor (Hodgkin Lymphoma)
3. Aspirations , ideal photographers and business plans.
Well my aspirations are to be successful in Modeling or with my Degree in Media Arts and Animation (when i receive it only 36 credits to go!),No ideal photographers right now i don't have favorites although i do love GHA Photography and Terry Lewis Photography, and no business plans for now but if anyone has any for my please contact me.
4. Currently listening to? Whats the next album your waiting to get.
Nothing in particular i have my ZUNE on shuffle right now lol, but ive been watching "Real Housewives of Atlanta" so im interested to see what Kandi comes out with.
5. Favorite film and why. 
Ok well favorite non cartoon movie is "Devil wears Prada" because as a model i love fashion! Favorite 2D cartoon movie "Emperors New Groove" check it out its soooo funny, and last but not least favorite 3D Movie is "Finding Nemo" Cant help it but i love it!
6. Turn on 
Funny men, you have to make me laugh. I cant be with someone boring. And I LOVE being showered with attention! Like 24/7!
7. Turn off  
Lol boring men and men who ignore me!
8. Why be a model, and what are your other talents
Well ive been told since i was like 13 i should model and how photogenic i am so i decided why not? I really gave me alot of confidence (I thought i was ugly as a child ill include a picture, looking back i think i was adorable). And my other talents I can paint, draw, sew, dance, cheerlead, act, i just cant sing lol.
9. You like best in a man or woman
I guess being funny i love laughing! It relieves stress and keeps you young!
10. If the president and congress passed one of your laws or legislation what would it be
.Um I dont really have a law, i guess i would make it illegal to pick on people (bullying) because it really can do damage.

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