Friday, January 1, 2010

Model of the month. SOPHIA ROSADO January 2010.

Sophia Rosado

Height: 5'10
Weight: 145lb
Measurements: 36B-27-38
Sophia is really putting in work, she's been featured in videos with Red Cafe, Jadakiss, K-Slay, and many more. You can catch her all over the hottest spots in your city even hanging out with Diddy.

1. Where are you from/ ethnicity? Born and raised from the Bronx
but both of my parents are from Puerto Rico
2. When did you begin modeling and why? My main interest was to
become a fashion designer/dancer and also an actress. When I was 15 my
grandma told me i should try out for modeling since i had the height
to become a fashion model. My sister Sarah Rosado took my head shots
and I was hooked in front of the camera..

3. Likes in a man? I like a man who is willing to wait and can fight
the temptation
4. dislikes in a man? Bad hygiene
5. Little known fact? My uncle use to be a TBB (the bronx boys) back
in the days. He's best friends with crazy legs
6. Hidden talent? I braids hair professionally
7. Funny fill in the blank. When i was young I peed my pants lol
8. Success or Love? I just wanna be successful

9. Favorite food? My kind (Spanish food) real woman eat meat
10. What separates you from the competition? There’s a lot to be
very honest with you but I don't think about the next. Everybody is
different so my exotic looks is what separates me from the rest


  1. DAMNNN this girl is a fire in ma eyezzz

  2. Wowwwww.Thats the model of the year. lol. 10/10. I would of asked some better questions though. haha


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