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Feburary Model of the month- Casey the model............


Diamonds place (DP) interviews Casey The model  (Casey)


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DP: Where are you from/ethnicity?
Casey-  I was born in Castries, St.Lucia W.I, and raised throughout NYC, mainly the Bronx. My parents are west indian & french, I consider myself just black.

DP- You've worked with and alongside some impressive artists and industry professionals (Remy-Ma, Sha-Stimuli, Pain in da ass, Ta Born & Webb) to name a few.  What would you suggest to other ladies interested in videos.
Casey- Have complete knowledge of self and remain focused on your goals. The street is always going to have pot holes just make sure you have great tires.

DP- Your working with clothing companies in Philly (I love paganos) and LA, what is your involvement and vision?
Casey- I am a promotional model, whereas I wear the clothes on daily basis, events, etc. These are companies building their brand independantly, I can relate to their movement their designs express their hungry for fashion.

DP-  Tell us about Video city Tv and why should we tune in.
Casey -Videocity has been around for 20 plus years and have provided an outlet for somr of of the most successful tv host, entertainers in the industry, Its a voice for the independant artisit and apprecated being apart of that scene.

DP- We share a passion for art & creativity, share your thoughts on expression.
Casey- Expression cant be duplicated it was a few things left in life that we have total control of. I love doing what I want when I want and in reality that isnt always possible but in art it is.

DP- When were you confident enough to persue becoming a Modelprenuer (A 
model building businesses and a brand.)
Casey- After the Remy Ma's " Weatherman Video". People where excited to see me as a Model and those who didn't appreciated my unique look or attempted to collabrate with me .  I saw the opportunity to produce a living as Casey "The Model" but I was going to do it my way.

DP-  Keep it 100, What does it take to be in your shoes, to achieve your success?
Casey - Consistent longs nights and early mornings. I am dedicated to my craft, I was blessed to be the way I am. No modeling school or agency taught me how to pose, handle media it just comes naturally. Anyone can walk in my shoes but only take small steps.

DP- Mainstream fashion and media CAN , be detrimental to a woman's self esteem, what would you say to young girls that want to be a 
model but, struggle with confidence. 
Casey - Modeling is an art form and for those who truly understand art they know it is about taking risk and not letting anyone datire your vision.

DP-  Any hidden talents?
Casey -Well along with dancing I dabble in design and merchandising. At some point in my career I hope to release a line of high fashion urban wear that is still afforable.

DP - What separates you from everyone else in your field? 
Casey- I have complete knowledge of self,  thus my slogan " I AM WHAT YOU SEEK". People have accepted that whatever is on t.v. is cool ,or the common sex sells more for models.  I have accepted that whatever I think/say is cool. That is why my work is on a total different plain from the average model, each look totally different from the next.


Keepin it 100 with Casey The Model. 

DP- #1 turn on in a man/woman?
Casey- My #1 turn on in a man is Character, actions speak louder than words and I notice a man who lets his swag talk for him.

DP- . Favorite food?
Casey-  Chicken&Shrimp w/ bowtie pasta.

DP-  What song do you dance to when nobody's around?
Casey - Cindy Lauper, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, that's my wave.

DP- Favorite male 
model, actor, or artist?
Casey-  Will Smith, Definitely Jadakiss- he's so under rated just like me!!

DP-  Kobe or lebron.
Casey -Both Kobe for consistentace, Lebron for setting new standards.

DP-  All time favorite Movie?
Casey-  Crooklyn

Finish these sentences.
DP  You like to work with people that________
Casey-  are committed and remain focused.

DP- You will not work with people that________
Casey- are lazy.

DP- 2010 Ladies should stop___________
Casey- depending on anyone but self.

DP-  2010 Fellas should stop ___________
Casey- thinking this gangsta shit is all life has to offer.

DP- A Woman's worth is________________
Casey- undeniable, without us there is no you.
DP-  Love or success?
Casey- Both there so different on the list of necessities one shouldn't have to choose.

DP-  Would you do a reality TV show & if so tell us about it.
Casey- Yes It would be about my day to day movements like for real not scripted or edited just to boost ratings but 100% true events.

DP-  Guilty pleasure.
Casey-  Almost anything chocolatey, once I start I cant stop till its finished.

DP- Favorite bedtime attire.
Casey- Nothing but if so my man's black T-shirt.

DP- Should a woman ever pay for a date?
Casey-  It depends on the date but I will say if you really care it should be 50/50 almost all thetime.

DP-  Last, If God tells 
the entire world to listen to you for one moment what would you say?.
Casey- People are made differently for a reason accept your individuality and it will not steer your wrong. Life Doesn't Last Forever but Your Legacy Lives On Threw Time!! Be aware ofthe memories you leave behind.

Thank you 
Casey and we'll see you at the top.

What do you think about Casey?

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