Monday, January 4, 2010

Jay-z+Illuminati= Record $ales. How blind can we be

"You must learn." From the Teacher KRS ONE


Before we begin, i must shot out the site that inspired me enough to entertain this subject. Its a phenomenal site and i've got to stay up on "secret societies and conspiracies." So check out


     "Is Jay-Z a member of the Freemasons, Illuminati, or some other secret society? Is Jay-Z a devil worshiper?"


 Why, because its his United states right to believe, support, speak, whatever he desires within the law. As long as he and any other practicing worshiper or member doesn't harm anyone.
That doesn't mean i think its right but who are we to WITHOUT ANY FACTS FACTS FACTS, begin judging this man (Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady GaGa) or anyone and worship God.  We don't have to support them, thats enough however we always go the extra mile and degrade our strengths by resorting to cheap rumors and ignorant video thesis.

There's a bunch of symbolic imagery and double entendres throughout his videos and songs, but why can't we focus ON THE REAL CONSPIRACIES AND ILLUMINATI.

Now, if you were a member of a secret society bent on world domination, would you allow some BLACK Niccas, to ACT, AND FAKE like they could be members. If you knew that they're selling the idea that they could be a part of your organization.

 If Miley cyrus did a video in compton projects with A Red bandanna dress, toy guns, low riders, tattoos , smokin a blunt with a 40 oz.  Everyone of her fans would ASSUME she's a part of a gang. Any real Bloods or crips would instantly know she's faking, or just acting.

So i challenge all of you to enjoy the artistic approach to Jay-z's video, and start looking at the REAL culprits of secret societies. Most of them are running your city & state maybe even our country.

Because you can make smoke, without a fire. When will we stop believing everything we see.

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