Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coli Hellraiser - Diamonds place model of the month.

Diamonds Place June Model of the month.
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 Coli Hellraiser

Smiling across a shapely fame of 32/24/37.This
Cherokee, Mulatto, Brazilian, Powhatan bombshell has been featured in over 60 appearances from Car shows/ Websites/ and events. She can be anywhere you book her, and guarantees professional quality. Welcome to the art of beauty, welcome to Diamonds Place.
T.mill- Welcome to diamonds place Coli, i promise this will be an interview you won't forget, are you ready?

Coli Hellraiser - Always ready! 

T.Mill - With your extensive resume, and experience you could of chose anybody, to what do we owe the pleasure of interviewing you. And thank you for reaching out to us.

Coli Hellraiser - Thank you for interviewing me, I am always looking for new people and sites to work with so nothing goes under appreciated. 

T.Mill - What does modeling mean to you?

Coli Hellraiser- modeling means sharing a part if of me that people would otherwise never see I can be sexy artistic mysterious and fierce each time I step in front of the lense it's a window into my creativity and dreams. 
 T.Mill - Eye candy and Modeling, is there a difference to you?

Coli Hellraiser- yes eyecandy modeling is meant to be a feast for the eyes often delving into creative, sexual, and sensual tones.

T.Mill - You've traveled all over the world, where is your favorite and why.

Coli Hellraiser - my favorite place that I've been to so far is the Bahamas the islands are beautiful, free sprited, and amazing!  

T.Mill - If you weren't modeling what other career would you choose.
Coli Hellraiser - I would be an entertainer or artist I love art I love to sing entertain and dance, Id love to travel while doing what I love. 

T.Mill - Where will you be in 5 years.

Coli Hellraiser  - Definately living a happy and successful life, I'm not sure if my path will led me to sunny California, tropical Miami or out of the U.S., I'm open to all if the opportunities this life has to offer.. oh yea and hopefully I'll have someone to share it all with, if not I can always get a dog hehe

T.Mill - Hidden Talent

Coli Hellraiser - I'm sooo goofy when nobodies looking I break into the silliest dances and impressions but it's only around people I'm very comfortable with otherwise you'll have to catch me off guard lol

T.Mill - What song do you sing when nobody's around.
Coli Hellraiser. ANY HIM song or random Gucci Mane songs he us too funny!

T.Mill - Whats your most attractive feature, or gets the most attention.

Coli Hellraiser - my face and childlike features always draw in people, I've been told I look anywhere from 13-16 in person 

T.Mill - Where do you shop the most?

Coli Hellraiser - as nerdy as it sounds, barnes and noble I love novels and magazines 

T.Mill - When your traveling what are your "must haves."

Coli Hellraiser- my phone, my laptop a wall & car charger, my allergy/asthma meds and looots if cash! 

T.Mill- Turn ons & Turn offs.

Coli Hellraiser - turn ons: a man that speaks the truth, a handsome face, sparkling eyes, clear skin, a toned body, tats, body mods, sexy hair. Turn offs: liars, an insecure man, a controlling man, did I say Liars? Lol, my ex's, guys that suck at life basically    

T.Mill - Give us a little known fact,we can keep a secret!

Coli Hellraiser- when I'm really in love I create sexy themed dance routines for my man hehe

T.Mill - Whats your favorite Bedtimes PJ's.

Coli Hellraiser -a t shirt or nothing at all  

T.Mill - What is your favorite word?

Coli Hellraiser gosh that would be a tie between lol,fook* and eff*, look them up hehe 

T.Mill - What is your favorite curse word.

Coli Hellraiser. I try my darndest not to make a habit out of cursing but at the moment it's f*ck

If there was a national enquirer tabloid about you which would it be?
a) Secret affair with a politician
b) Sex Tape
c) Jail time for tax evasion
Coli Hellraiser- It would definately be d) something MUCH worse...just kidding lol
T.Mill- If your lover was a piece of candy, which candy would he/she be?
 Coli Hellraiser- Hmm he would be an m&m know the catchphrase 

T.Mill - Last but not least what do you want to tell the girls interested in modeling?

Coli Hellraiser - it has so much more to do with how you market yourself what you have to offer and what you bring to the table that your competiton doesn't over a pretty face, don't give up & keep reaching always! 

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  1. So beautiful and a awesome personality, what else can you ask for.


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