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iKandy - More than just a model

A model of the human spirit

In honor of “National honey month” (Its legit, google it ) We deliver an unforgettable treat. This month we’re jigging to the Big Easy, and our hostess is the one and only ikandy. A young passionate activist of Cambodian rights, director of volunteers for “Strengthening Cambodian Communities Project “ (SCC). Who’s sure to put Cambodia back on the map and witnessing its glory return.  For over 3 years she’s been spreading awareness of her homeland and what better way than also being a spokes model for Cambodia’s first National Baseball Team. This may be the sweetest, healthiest candy we’ve delivered yet! Enjoy.

Interviewed by T.Mill ( )

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Ha Candy - Welcome ikandy, it’s a pleasure your here.
iKandy - Its a pleasure also! Thank you and Im honored!

Ha Candy -  There’s not many Models engaging they’re communities and branding themselves effectively as you are. What called or attracted you to the organizations you’ve founded, and non profit work. Your doing so much for the world?

iKandy - I grew up in a troublesome home, not normal for an American child, but surviving the impacts the 1975 genocide had on my parents. They’re ways of coping were brutal on me and being on my own during my young adult life, led me to discover my passion, what I was born here to do. I became a Cambodian Rights Activist and co-founded The SCC Project (strengthening Cambodian Communities) with my partner Tara in Australia, to help rebuild families one village at a time, focusing on education values. I recently finished an event for another non-profit in NY that I volunteered for. It was fashion show, showcasing the beauitufl hand made products produced by survivors of sex slavery. This non-profit is dedicated to eradicate sex slavery and human trafficking in Cambodia, by rescuing, rehabilitation and provide training and living wages for the survivors and potential at-risk women and children.  I spread awareness and attention to this topic through my modeling.

Ha Candy - You recently hosted and coordinated “Fashion for freedom” in New Orleans. How did it turn out?
iKandy -  It went well. Despite a few technical difficulties that we had, but over all, it was a success. Especially for my first event.
Ha Candy - iKandy has to be one of the best names we’ve heard ! Where did it come from?
iKandy -  I was thinking of a model name, and it came to me in my dream. I woke up saying iKandy!!

Ha Candy - What was your most embarrassing moment?

iKandy - I remember, I was on the metro bus, I was 15 at the time. It was completely packed, so I was standing but a pregnant lady came on the bus, and this woman in front of me was sitting down, and her 2-3 year old child took up a seat. She removed her child so the pregnant woman could sit, but she passed the seat up. So I sat down, and the woman who saved the spot for the woman pushed me out of the seat, and put her child back on the seat! Yea I was so embarrassed I got off at the wrong stop.

Fill in the blanks -
I Love it when - "A guy kisses my cheeks"
Turn ons - "Arms, Im an arms woman, confidence, independence, well dressed man.
Turn offs - "Insecurities, Clinging, people say they're going to do something and don't.
I am the best at "Being myself"
If i were president - "Rule the world and rename it iKandyland.

Favorite movie of all time - Holly

Ha Candy - Thank you iKandy for this fun interview, any closing words, shout outs or advice to aspiring models?
 "Wear a Krama" Campaign - Where in the world is you krama?
Photo by: Michael Siu
Make-Up Artist: Maria Broussard
iKandy - I would like to thank first and foremost, my urban manager and photographer CE WILEY. He really changed my life. I want to thank my friends and my family, my parents, for the undying support, my close friends who were there when I needed them, like Erin Marrero. The Cambodian community in the States; they really are so supportive in my efforts, and the fans all around the world! I want to thank my partner Tara Miller, for letting me be apart of something greater. Thank you, for your e-mails of love and encouragement. They really motivate me to push even harder to get to where I want to be. The only advice I have for the aspiring models, is that, you must realize your strengths and weaknesses, you need to work hard, nothing comes easy to you just because you took a photo! You need to also do your research, a pretty face won’t get you just anywhere, remember there are millions of pretty faces in the world, but what make you stand out from the rest? And good luck! Thank you again for this interview! And last but not least, NOT ALL ASIANS LOOK A LIKE!

Ha Candy - And if your lover were a piece of candy what would he or she be? 
iKandy - Cherry filled chocolate.

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Growing up in Montgomery county , Maryland her life could be a series of books. She's determined to be the first Cover Girl  Cambodian American model and land a sidekick role alongside Jackie Chan.iKandy is very proud of her heritage and is amazed how the people in Cambodia overcome such atrocities as genocide and continue smiling. They've survived poverty, starvation and even human trafficking.She wouldn't change too much about the model industry however she's a perfect example of what a model SHOULD be. A model of the human spirit, more than just a pretty face. After activism comes little time with her family but she cherishes every moment spent.


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