Saturday, September 18, 2010

Win a digital distribution deal



Fanatix is a Digital music partner to Universal Music Group, VP Records & Metal Blade Records

What You GET!
  • 1 year Exclusive digital distribution
  • 1 year Marketing and Promotions on ViM Networks
  • Music Distribution to over 400 online and Mobile destinations
  • Fanatix retail and strategic marketing consulting

Fanatix will sign & register one lucky artist label for exclusive digital distribution and distribute their music to over 400 online and mobile destinations worldwide in more than 100 territories for a period of one year.
Fanatix Music will work with the artist to provide retail and strategic marketing for maximum exposure with personal hands on care by actual insiders with the wherewithal to shop directly to the high powered executives of major labels. Fanatix also offers the following services through their digital partnership: Synch Licensing Strategy & Promotion Customized Service Online Console Mechanical Administration Physical Distribution

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