Saturday, October 2, 2010

In tune with tmill - October


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Welcome everyone, and happy October fest . This month were celebrating Pizza (Take our poll at the end of this post "What city has the best pizza?"  , our Fanatix artist of the month is delivering mind blowing music & I can't wait for season 3 of "In tune with T.Mill" with our new segments. 
  • News & Reviews with Brother Jesse 
  • Men lie women lie (Everything you want to know about the opposite sex.)  - With Anita Charlot
  • Venus Vs Mars - Trivia Game
So lets continue changing the status quo one voice at a time. Enjoy. 

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In tune with T.Mill Season 3 premiere Nov 2nd 10pm est 7pm pst.  Here's a classic episode "Curvalicious" . A line of novels from Accomplice Press  Flash Animation
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Real recognize real, and everyone else is blind leading the blind. These upcoming producers are planting they’re flag firmly. They know where music comes from and they have a passion to continue its course. In the studio over pan pizza & sodas, “The come up” chopped it up with Fresh and Rell (a.k.a Prince Carter). You're guaranteed to hear a lot from them through your speakers. Checkout the interview HERE

Men Lie Women lie -  "Everything you want to know about the opposite sex" Send us your questions to
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Fanatix indie artist of the month - Have you heard. Sponsored by Fanatix


The album “Apotheosis” is a musically conceptual project/experiment that takes a listener through a waking life from sleep to waking consciousness. This process is achieved with a linear tempo change coinciding with the effects of brain wave frequencies on the human mind and the specific arrhythmia’s of the human heart.
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Oct Poll. Best Pizza City / Twitpic your pizza to @intunewithtmill

Oct Poll. Best Pizza City / Twitpic your pizza to @intunewithtmill

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