Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pizza,Brazilian Candy, free stuff, Apotheosis and more. - October "In tune with T.Mill".

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Welcome Oktoberfest family, (Are any of you celebrating? ) I want to thank all of the new subscribers. If you have suggestions,questions or submissions send them to
So pizza lovers, you must represent, "Which city has the best pizza?" take our poll Here, . Tell us what you think of the new look, were playing around with Mad MiMi (No not one of T.Mill's ladies thrills,) Its the newsletter service we all once voted 4/1 against our current weapon of choice "Mail Chimp" THANK YOU BABY JESUS". Our captain inquired about MiMi so were going to show him with style._
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(Sponsors sound like you have a drug problem or sugar daddy ! No offense captain.)
The "Fanatix digi giveaway" continues untill Oct 15th. A FREEEEE one year digital distribution deal worth over $250. Peep the details here.
Win, get your music on over 400 sites, with marketing blah blah hoody hooo. All the artist has to do is send a complete EPK to
Who's ya Momma????????_
The agency for fans and aspiring talent. Kim and Kyra are EVERYTHING.
Visit Stilettos and Sounds. "We love you Shaniiiiiiii"

Ha Candy - Brought to you by The LCX & T.Mill

Beauty has gone digital.
Shout out to Hasan, Coming through for T.Mill who was extremely busy this month with his artists Mixtape release. Not to many CEO's help out they're team. Lets face it, men will always help when it comes to a woman as beautiful asAylaiia.T.Mill get off your bon bons and see you next month for Ha Candy)
Some say the internet is a great way of meeting people, some say it's a haven for liars and stalkers. Well no matter how you view the world wide web just know they're some people on there that are the real deal. And with saying that, I want you guys to meet Aylaiia.
Aylaiia is a beautiful model with a bright yet outspoken nature. She's actually someone I had the pleasure of meeting on the internet. If you can get passed the beautiful face & sexy swag, you'll see Aylaiia is smart, funny & very focused. So join me as I chop it up with this Brazilian beauty, as she proves what I've always said.... some people on the internet are the real deal.
Interview by Hasan Johnson
Effective exposure, over 200K hits a month Promoted across social, video, and radio media sites. It's our honor to feature YOU.
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Ha Candy - Best model campaign on the web.

Send your questions to

Send your questions to

Fanatix artist of the month - DeRon for the upcoming album "Apotheosis".

Fanatix Artist of the month.
_After recording various projects under a mixture of monikers such as Azariah, Empathy In Love, Modern Kitten Theory, DJ Iceberg, Cure for Cancer, and a host of others, DeRon finally took off his mask and revealed his true talents with his project, The Ministry of You in 2004.
Six years later, the year 2010, DeRon brings us the new musical journey Apotheosis. Featuring high-profile guest vocalists and scientific musical enlightenment, DeRon classifies the project as a ‘jazzy, downtempo romantic rock’ experience. Apotheosis is a collection of revolutionary loves. The music will change your state of consciousness, or it will do nothing at all. Not everyone is ready for a musical journey like this.
The album “Apotheosis” is a musically conceptual project/experiment that takes a listener through a waking life from sleep to waking consciousness. This process is achieved with a linear tempo change coinciding with the effects of brain wave frequencies on the human mind and the specific arrhythmia’s of the human heart._

Last Call - No Alcohol, but before we say goodbye

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Mark your calendars, (Unless you want us to call the illuminati and stalk you down to remind you) In tune with T.mill returns Nov 2nd. 10pm est 7pm pst.
Every Thursday in NOV. T.Mill reminds us to "Be thankful" with special guests, inspiring us, encouraging hope, and proof that "Life is what YOU make it." The series "Be Thankful" is every Thursday in NOV. For details and interview requests, email We want the best testimonies of triumph over tragedy. Don't worry, you won't have to stock up on kleenex for these shows, our guests don't feel sorry for themselves, they feel empowered.
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