Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Selena Silk

Selena Silk
Merry Christmas everyone. If you have ESP like Selena Silk, then you already know why shes our choice for this month. She enjoys beach bike riding with the smell of the ocean. After a day on the grind you may be fortunate to catch her soaking in a scented candle bubble bath, sipping wine and listening to some smooth jazz. Life is too short for drama and boredom so she loves to laugh and be silly, which is exactly the kind of interviews i love to do. Enjoy and show love.  
Interview by T.Mill for Ha Candy

Where did the name Selena Silk Come from? The name Selena Silk was made up while I was in the bathtub shaving my legs, Selena is very similar to my birth name and Silk was how my legs felt after I shaved them using a shaving cream called Silk. It was so random but catchy so I rolled with it!

What does modeling mean to you ? Modeling is an art to me, it allows me to express myself and that moment is captured in a photo. Its like freezing time for a moment. Pictures are the most sentimental treasures to me.

So far whats been your favorite experience in your career? My favorite experience is seeing the finish project, I know what Im doing while Im posing for the picture but it is truly a rush once I see what looks were captured.

If you could change one thing in this industry what would it be? The Gate code it seems like everybody has access granted now days!

Rappers get a "Bad Rap" for video vixens and how they portray women, do you think it's all they're fault. If women continue degrade them selves in a rappers environment then the rapper is going to continue to call it like he see's it to make his lyrics more believable. 
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5 years from now, where is Selena Silk. Honestly I see myself with my Bachelor Degree and married with a nice double income to build a foundation off of for my kids!

For men and women in this industry it can be challenging to maintain a relationship or find a good date?  What keeps your attention & interest in that special someone My special someone can keep my attention byspending quality time and show me that I am special to him. He will keep my interest by teaching me new things, making me laugh, and keeping up with his hygiene, like smelling good all the time and being well groomed.  

What do you say to the aspiring model reading this? Make sure modeling is what you want to do. Come in modeling knowing what its about. Know what you want, what you will stand for and wont bend on in this industry. Set boundaries and most important part of it all, is to have good loyal people in your corner! Those that have your best interest at heart without hidden agendas. Stay loyal and true to yourself and you will definitely exit with dignity.

Fill in the blanks
  •  I Love - me.
  • I Wish - I had magic powers!
  • Most people - tend to find flaws in someone to make themselves feel better about their own insecurities.
And last, if your lover were a piece of candy what would he or she be? My lover would be a receese butter cup smooth on the outside and nutty inside 
Thank you Selena Silk and we wish you continued success, may our paths cross again. 
I would like to give a shoutout to Industry Image team for making me look amazing always through their magic lens and gifted eye! and big ups to Ha Candy for allowing me the opportunity to be a feature model on 


  1. The word SHES is missing an apostrophe. Oh, I found it! You placed it in SEE'S by mistake.

    Other than that, the article was okay.

  2. I always wondered how you came up with that name....It's way too catchy to me, I knew it the 1st somebody RTed you, lol. Nice interview wish it was a lil longer though.

    Ps your pics get me excited too! ;-)


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