Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lady Luck

Lady Luck is "In tune with tmill"
Tuesday night March 22nd 10pm est 7pm pst. 

Shout out to @emmett6sports
Check out her video "Hustle Hard - Freestyle" after the bio. 

Lady Luck is no typical hip-hop artist. Born not to late into the era, she grew up in the early ninety’s influenced by the likes of L.L Cool J, M.C Lyte, Run-Dmc, and The Fat Boys. Hailing from englewood, new jersey she was right across the bridge from the mecca of hip-hop. One night her mom came home from a late night of partying and she told her “mommy i wanna rap.” Together they created history and wrote what was her 1st vicious rhyme which molded her amongst the greats today. Every chance that presented itself young Luck was on the mic. From bbq’s to talent shows shorty came to rock the mic.
During her high school years she was groomed by her management/production company “tastemakers”  spearheaded by Bobby Kennedy of Teaneck new jersey. They shopped and shopped her demo with no avail but remained persistant. One day after school she spit a rap in a local barber shop to continue her rep one of the barbers challenged her rhymes. “shorty you dont be popping moet. you not popping bottles.” She left the shop and walked across the parking lot to the liqour store. She had money from selling dj a.p mixtapes at school. $10 short a older friend paid the difference and said “go get em shorty”. Luck walked into the entrance of the barbershop and popped the bottle. The whole shop went crazy! That not only boosted her name but the barbers from the shop now assisted in getting Lady Luck a record deal. They cut hair for famous people all over. One set up a meeting with Fat Joe another set up a meeting with LiL Kim. The serious inquires came in once luck rhymed on new york city’s hot 97 morning show. there was a segment entitled “Check the Rhyme” where contestants spit rhymes and the judges chose. Ed lover, Steph lova and Dj enuff chose Luck 5 days straight! In the 11th grade on the radio every morning was a dream. She went from a nobody to the hottest name that week! that week she had meetings with everyone from rocafella’s dame dash to bad boys harve pierre.
The prize for winning the contest was a live interview and freestyle on the morning show. accompanied by her mother father and manager Luck whewed new york city and the phones went crazy. ed lover decided to take the crew over to def jam after refusing other unknown callers on the private hotline. Kevin liles listened to the demo and called lyor cohen. They whewed the young high school student whose family had financial instability. After a meeting with Puff Daddy Lyor Cohen called the next day with the words “You dont like def jam?” and sent car service to pick the family up. After that dinner meeting the deal was sealed. Lady Luck was singed to Def Jam records. Being that her story was so publized on the radio station many artist and magazines alike wanted a piece of Lady Luck. Being featured in teen people, xxl, billboard, the new yorker and the source magazine more than 15 times. Luck built up her credibility behind the mic as well working with the likes of Redman, Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes and so on. As a new artist she was featured on two funkmaster flex albums and two Dj Clue albums.Kevin Liles even stated “Lucks album wont drop until she changes the face of female hip-hop” heavy shoes for a 17 year old. Crowned the mixtape queen she domolished every dj’s tape or cd while that market was still hot. But being on the hottest label at their peak isnt somewhere to mold a new artist. “Def Jam was at their peak. Everyone was there..EVERYONE!” as Luck puts it with a smile. After 3 years on the label they parted ways. Luck also split with her then manager who was managing Redman and Grammy producer Rocwilder. Working with a local management company Luck believed all she needed was attention. When they failed to deliver Luck became discouraged.
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While still having a buzz on the street Lady Luck still had a buzz but not the right team or structure. Reflecting on the past she states “I rapped about guns and violence so thats what I became.” Living a brief life of crime she realized quick she would be unsuccessful at that. While going back and forth to court for an armed robbery charge Luck had a legendary battle. Luck challenged Remy Ma, terror squad member, after hearing she attends “The Fight Klub” a then local battle venue. Luck feeling cheated after losing the first battle called up Hot 97 and stated her case but that only gave the battle more life. Dj’s and personal were running the battle on the radio hour after hour which called for a second battle. The judges voted Remy ma the winner again at the second battle. “Its a shame. 5-6 years later people still watch that video. and tell me THEIR opinion. haha.” Luck jokes. Later on that year luck was sentenced to a year in the county. She gives credit to God for the short time because she signed a plea bargin for a 3 flat which the judge changed at sentencing. Luck also credits that experience with changing her outlook and subject matter of her music. She decided to try the independent route.
Lady Luck has built a strong online presence in the new age. With the internet running the world it is important for an artist to be in the forefront. Releasing 6 mixtapes indepenantly Luck has sold over 70,000 mixtapes out the trunk. Traveling state to state she has built her fan base organtically. Directing and editing her own videos has enabled Luck to stay relevant in todays market and generate millions of views. One of the mixtapes released was a collabritive effort with bad boys making the band Babs Bunny and death rows lady of rage with also featured the likes of rah digga and other heavy weight hip hop legends.
Respected amongst the hip hop community Lady Luck is ready for a new start. Maturing has changed her image and a impressive weight loss makes her a sex symbol. “I make music. im not a battle rapper, im not a gimmick, im a musician. Soon ya’ll will recognize me for that” Claiming that all she’s ever been noticed for is her rap challenges shes eager for the world to hear her current music. Entitled “Are we there yet” the cd only features singers on the hooks. Its an emotional cd that shows the many colors to her personality. “I just wanna grow. I want people to grow with me.” The cd, Luck explains, is an introduction to the music she wants to make. Are we there yet is a play on words for her career, a car ride (you play the cd during) and minorities. With a powerful intro the video has recieved rave reviews from online communities as well as celebrities.
In the future Lady Luck is a female to watch. Determined to have a fair shot Luck keeps going. With plans on directing more videos, movies, skits, parodies, documentaries she is bound to corner the market. Continuing to travel the buzz continues to grow with an avalanche effect which generates more online attention. Search her on any music related website and this female powerhouse is bound to wow even the toughest critics.

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