Saturday, June 11, 2011

Carrie Michelle

Diamonds Place

Interview by T.Mill

Favorite dish to cook -She loves to cook, her specialty dish is Salmon with Crab and Shrimp butter sauce.
Ingredients - African American, Libra,
Perfect for - Urban, Eye candy, Couture, Print, Flyers, Audio drops, Music Videos, Commercials
"Check My Handsome" by Swag Yung Reek (main chick)
You Tube 3,229 Views
Twitter  1,211 Followers
Sports  - St. Louis Rams.
Little known fact - Plays the Alto Saxophone
Turn ons  - Tall guys, tattoos,fresh cuts.
Turn offs - Insecure, short, clingy
When asked “What candy describes you best she replied - Snickers! If your hungry.. Why wait?? Visit my sites :) 

Favorite Bedroom PJ’s - Pajamas? None. lol

Our monthly treat is a triple threat, modeling, a socialite, and an event planner. She loves to cook & plans to soon launch her company . A hopeless romantic but we beg to differ, she’s one hell of a catch. There is one thing we agree with her on; women want sex more than men and she’ll tell you why !  You can be sure to catch her on the cover of your favorite magazines, and this month she’s your monthly treat! 

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DP - Diamonds Place
CM- Carrie Michelle 

DP- Whats your favorite season & why?   
CM- My favorite season is Spring. No too cold, not too hot. Also i'm a hoodie girl. Spring is definately a hoodie season!

DP Any big plans for the summer?  
CM - My summer will be spent working, traveling, and building my name throughout the east coast! June I'll be going to Hedonism.

DP Are you a fan of any sports teams or athletes. If so Name them & why. 
CM  I watch ALL sports. I think I like football a little better than basketball. My favorite football team is the St.Louis Rams!!! My family is from STL so have to stick with the hometeam!

DP Whats the funniest thing thats ever happened to you.  
CM The funniest thing that has ever happened to me is someone asking me for my autograph. His exact words were, "IDK Who you are but you look like I should have your autograph!"

DP Do you remember your first Kiss?  
CM My first kiss was when I was 15! He was a little older than me.

DP What do you love & hate about modeling? 
CM  I love the people that you get to meet and the networking involved with the modeling industry. I don't like the assumptions by the public about "urban models" but I get over it. Negativity drives me to suceed.

Fill in the blanks below
I love it when __I get to sleep!!__
People think im ___Conceited___ And/but ____I'm really a shy person____
If every man had to tell me the truth I would ask ___Do you LIE a lot?____
If every woman had to tell me the truth I would ask __Do you have a tendency to back stab your friends?_

DP Favorite food to eat - 
 CM Mexican!

DP How do you relax ? 
CM  Bubble baths and music

DP Will you vote next year and why.
CM I vote every year. Each vote counts! Only you can determine your future.

DP Who wants sex more men or women? & Why 
CM  Women! I believe this only because we have a 3-7 day period each month that doesn't allow is to have sex.

DP Favorite Bedroom PJ's.  
CMPajamas? None. lol

DP Which candy best describes your lover ?
CM Don't have one!

All about Libra

DP Do you have a dark side?
CM Yes. Once I'm pissed it's over for you. I give out 2 strikes instead of 3.

DP How romantic and charming are you & give an example.  
CM I'm a hopeless romantic. Into the flowers & forehead kisses. An example of me being romantic and charming would be w/ my ex. For his birthday I was going to act like I was taking him to dinner and have a suite booked for him and his friends to party for his birthday.

DP Are you flirtatious & self indulgent?  
CM I'm flirtatious to an extent. Who doesn't like to flirt? Self indulgent, No. Self Confident, Yes.
    Shout outs -  QT Enterainment, So Phocused LLC. , D1 Magazine, The Dazzle Cartel, Vainn Magazine, Naked Hustle Magazine, Boobs and Doobs, 368 Music Group, TeamDMV, & The Beautiful People.

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