Saturday, June 11, 2011

Incidious - Enjoy it

If your a horror fan like myself I highly recommend the film "Insidious."

Stephen King put it best when he said something like " The best things are left to the imagination." . In other words, you don't have to SHOW scary, as much has you should invoke the emotion or idea there of. Insidious walks this fine line, and shares some chilling scores of music & ques. (Horror films are so much better without the scare que's) But I warn you , after watching this film I found myself whistling a tune that my mother who hadn't seen the film, clearly recognized as "Tip toe through the tulips ". A song that eerily marks one of the most weird scenes in the movie. (There's also a hidden scene within that scene.).

Below I've left a trailer for the film, I hope you find it at a redbox, or netflix soon. Once you've seen the film let me know your thoughts.

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