Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Romance - How do you reduce the heartbreak cycle?

Romance -How Do You Reduce the Heartbreak Cycle?

by Jawar

RELATIONSHIPS- How do you reduce the heartbreak cycle? 
RESPONSE- You treat everyone moving forward the way you would have and want to be treated romantically. You unequivocally be honest with yourself at all times and you will find it increasingly easy to be honest with others you are dating, having sex with, exclusively seeing, courting, engaged and/or married to.

You always, always, always keep a positive open line of communication. You don’t date or go out on dates with someone simply because you are lonely without that person knowing you simply want romantic company.

They have a right to know and knowing is what allows the situation to be mutually beneficial by consent without ill intent. You must be honest with yourself about your own wrong doings of a romantic nature and attempt to right them whenever possible to ensure a greater karmic experience in this very life time.
You must love yourself with and by yourself knowing that no, one can really make you happy, but they can be happy in your own happiness.

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