Thursday, July 28, 2011

Come party in NYC July 30th - BodyROCK: Volume 1 ft. RICH MEDINA - July 30th @ Southpaw NYC

BODY ROCK EVENT from The Ten Project on Vimeo.

Saturday, July 30 at 10:00pm - July 31 at 3:00am

Southpaw (BROOKLYN)
125 Fifth Ave.
Brooklyn, NY

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You know that nostalgic feeling you get when you hear a classic 80s-90s jam? Well, we got the legendary Rich Medina [] on board to deliver that experience all night at Southpaw. So come ready to dance!

$10 all night Doors open at 10pm 21+

FAST FORWARD [skip the line]:

Advance Tickets [while supplies last]

ONLINE: http://bodyrock.eventbrite​.com/

PRESS PLAY [what to expect]:

Dress code: This is not a costume party! Dress how you want!

Who's coming: PYT's, Round the way girls and some mighty mighty good men

Throwback Photobooth available

Spinnin' all your favorite 80s/90s Hip Hop & R&B hits all night long

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hasan Presents "Soul Train"

Keep the music alive !

Soul train promo2.jpg

EMI songwriter/producer Damon Hasan Johnson & his L.C Experience imprint has teamed up with New York Trend to bring great music to the masses...with a twist. In a effort to keep music alive in our school system, Hasan has created a digital Ep entitled 'Soul Train: A Musician's Journey.' Soul Train will fuse the hottest songs of the 80's & 90's with today's Hip Hop appeal. 

This project was created to connect 2 different generations musically while showing just how strong of a presence music holds in our lives. So join us on this musical journey & be sure to get your free download of 'Soul Train' 08/19/11.

N.Y Trend's Dr. Teresa Williams & Hasan will also be speaking at schools & various events to show the importance of keeping music programs alive.
For bookings please contact us at: or

Silent Korruption - I'm Dolo [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Sunday, July 10, 2011

He's not beating his wife, he's got hemorrhoids !

I helped my home girl move into her new apt a few wks ago. On moving day, we met the married couple & they're daughter.The wife kindly invited us to her Gym instruction class at the nearby fitness center since the apartments came with free membership.

Me and this girl talk nearly every day and kick it quite often, sometimes over each others place till nearly sunrise if not overnight. So I was witness to her claims that they kept up a TON of noise above her. Sometimes waking her up in the middle of the night. I told her "I've heard worse", and maybe she should just wait it out. Which is one of the reasons in apartments I don't suggest living on the bottom floor.

Eventually she was convinced that they were fighting. All the clues supported this fact. The wife always wore sun glasses and seemed distant sometimes, the husband was always happy go lucky when he saw her or us outside. Often during the night you could hear them stomping around. at 4am this morning she called the courtesy officer because she was startled out of her sleep again to hear yelling, cursing & extremely loud noises which sounded like a deadly fight.

Just now, the courtesy officer visited us and explained that she and the police visited upstairs (my friend was in the kitchen window listening in). They said the husband has hemorrhoids and is in extreme pain. His wife joked around that people would think they're fighting because he's so angry and carrying on but they aren't fighting.

So is that even believable? Anything is possible in this world. lol.

Mission: Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol’

Here is the official trailer for the latest installment into the "Mission Impossible" franchise. I think it looks outstanding, drop your comments below !

Friday, July 8, 2011

Casting Call- Let your voice be heard.

Season 4 returns this fall & I want; the most talented, thought provoking, funny, inspiring, charasmatic, outspoken; people I can find from all over the globe. I WANT YOU to be my guest. Whether your working a 9-5,raising a family, an entreprenuer, or professional business. Be my guest.

Think of my show as the gumbo of (inside the actors studio, unsung, Real time with Bill Mahr, & your favorite radio morning show.)

If you are
A musical artist or musician- any genre
Music/entertainment professional
Teacher,Student , Doctor with a confident perspective & knowledgeable.
Activist,Someone with a voice that needs to be heard.
A model/actor/actress/director/
No matter Who you are if you have a voice or word that should be heard.

Be my guest.
send requests with your info or questions to asktmill@gmail

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Queen Riese

Diamonds Place Model of the month - Queen Riese 

Queen Riese was born in Canton, OH under the sign of the Gemini and raised in Columbus, OH. During her 2 year modeling career she has been published 7x's, featured on over 30 websites, hosted numerous and even co hosted on radio shows. She is an eclectic mixture of black, Chinese and Cherokee, stands at 5'3" weighing 130 lbs with the dimensions consisting of 34-25-40. To book Queen Riese for photo shoots, video shoots, event hosting, etc. please contact

T.Mill - What made you want to be a model? & What makes you different. 
Queen Riese -I started modeling because I felt like it was something I could really be successful at and I love doing it. I'm different because I'm ME. I don't try to be like anybody else.

T.Mill Anything good in Ohio, whats jumping off in Ohio?
Queen Riese - The only thing I'm looking forward to is the state fair because the food is so good.

T.Mill - Your mixed with what & whats the first thing people ask you after you tell them that. Black and chinese.
Queen Riese -Most people just say wow lol.

T.Mill - Whats a bad thing about modeling or something you wish you could change?
Queen Riese - Some photographers try to get on with the models and when the models aren't trying to go that route they get mad. Just keep things professional.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Falling for soul with Rachel Walker

July Artist of the month

Rachel Walker is “In tune with tmill” as the “Artist of the month” Sponsored by . This native New Yorker by way of Jamaica is setting hearts on fire with her latest album “Walk with me.” A harmonious blend of classic R&B, infused with sophisticated Jazz & hip hop influences. Rachel’s vivid storytelling and sultry
vocals take audiences on an impassioned journey of relationships, love, pain and
hope. Rachel will touch the hearts, minds and spirits of diverse audiences across the
globe with her music and passion for love.

Rachel has performed at a number of popular and historic New York City venues such as The Apollo Theatre and Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar. Most recently, Rachel toured as 1/3 of the legendary Soul/Funk group Sister Sledge on the Disco Funk Tour De France 2010 as well as the 80’s Rewind Tour in the United Kingdom with several legendary UK bands in addition to headliners and legends in their own right, Kool & The Gang..  She also performed with Sister Sledge for Festival Mawazine in Rabat Morocco and The Music & Arts Festival in Beirut, Lebanon.

About - “In tune with tmill” recognizes talents of all genres in music, diversity of models, businesses & entrepreneurs.  A digital magazine and radio show, for interviews/info email

Follow & Support Rachel Walker, tell her we sent you !

“This album … contains material that touches the emotions and proves to be delectable to the soul.” ~ FreedomVerseCafe
“Rachel Walker’s release “Walk With Me” is nothing less than simply beautiful. Simply because her voice is breathtaking! The song writing takes you were she has been. It’s a wonderful journey!” ~Freedom’s INK Publishing
“Walk With Me” is available on: iTunes and