Friday, July 8, 2011

Casting Call- Let your voice be heard.

Season 4 returns this fall & I want; the most talented, thought provoking, funny, inspiring, charasmatic, outspoken; people I can find from all over the globe. I WANT YOU to be my guest. Whether your working a 9-5,raising a family, an entreprenuer, or professional business. Be my guest.

Think of my show as the gumbo of (inside the actors studio, unsung, Real time with Bill Mahr, & your favorite radio morning show.)

If you are
A musical artist or musician- any genre
Music/entertainment professional
Teacher,Student , Doctor with a confident perspective & knowledgeable.
Activist,Someone with a voice that needs to be heard.
A model/actor/actress/director/
No matter Who you are if you have a voice or word that should be heard.

Be my guest.
send requests with your info or questions to asktmill@gmail

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