Sunday, July 10, 2011

He's not beating his wife, he's got hemorrhoids !

I helped my home girl move into her new apt a few wks ago. On moving day, we met the married couple & they're daughter.The wife kindly invited us to her Gym instruction class at the nearby fitness center since the apartments came with free membership.

Me and this girl talk nearly every day and kick it quite often, sometimes over each others place till nearly sunrise if not overnight. So I was witness to her claims that they kept up a TON of noise above her. Sometimes waking her up in the middle of the night. I told her "I've heard worse", and maybe she should just wait it out. Which is one of the reasons in apartments I don't suggest living on the bottom floor.

Eventually she was convinced that they were fighting. All the clues supported this fact. The wife always wore sun glasses and seemed distant sometimes, the husband was always happy go lucky when he saw her or us outside. Often during the night you could hear them stomping around. at 4am this morning she called the courtesy officer because she was startled out of her sleep again to hear yelling, cursing & extremely loud noises which sounded like a deadly fight.

Just now, the courtesy officer visited us and explained that she and the police visited upstairs (my friend was in the kitchen window listening in). They said the husband has hemorrhoids and is in extreme pain. His wife joked around that people would think they're fighting because he's so angry and carrying on but they aren't fighting.

So is that even believable? Anything is possible in this world. lol.

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