Sunday, July 3, 2011

Queen Riese

Diamonds Place Model of the month - Queen Riese 

Queen Riese was born in Canton, OH under the sign of the Gemini and raised in Columbus, OH. During her 2 year modeling career she has been published 7x's, featured on over 30 websites, hosted numerous and even co hosted on radio shows. She is an eclectic mixture of black, Chinese and Cherokee, stands at 5'3" weighing 130 lbs with the dimensions consisting of 34-25-40. To book Queen Riese for photo shoots, video shoots, event hosting, etc. please contact

T.Mill - What made you want to be a model? & What makes you different. 
Queen Riese -I started modeling because I felt like it was something I could really be successful at and I love doing it. I'm different because I'm ME. I don't try to be like anybody else.

T.Mill Anything good in Ohio, whats jumping off in Ohio?
Queen Riese - The only thing I'm looking forward to is the state fair because the food is so good.

T.Mill - Your mixed with what & whats the first thing people ask you after you tell them that. Black and chinese.
Queen Riese -Most people just say wow lol.

T.Mill - Whats a bad thing about modeling or something you wish you could change?
Queen Riese - Some photographers try to get on with the models and when the models aren't trying to go that route they get mad. Just keep things professional.

T.Mill - If you weren’t modeling what would you be doing?
Queen Riese -I don't know. I think my life would be almost the same.

T.Mill - In 5 years where will you be? 

Queen Riese -With my Masters traveling around the world.

T.Mill - Some people take beauty for weakness, as sexy as you are, if someone pissed you off enough, you look like you could slap the hell out of them? Am i wrong? Queen Riese -Lol no your not wrong. Everybody has their breaking point but its still important to practice self control.

T.Mill - Who’s to blame for the portrayal of women in hip hop? I don't think any one person is to blame.
Queen Riese -It's about the choices people make that defines them. I think everyone has a right to do what they want as long as it doesn’t physically/mentally hurt anyone else.

T.Mill- Why do some women look down on models of our generation, the hip hop/urban/sexy/ genre.
Queen Riese -I feel like there is a lack of understanding. So many women assume that models are groupies and that is not the case. There is a legitimate business when it cones to photo shoots, magazines, video shoots, etc.

T.Mill - So lets get into this Gemini thing.
Are you into astrology & if so how much of it is true for you as a gemini. Queen Riese -When you read the description for a Gemini I do have many things in common. I'm a free spirit and have many morals that keep me grounded. I don't live by my astrology readings though.

T.Mill - Do you have a good/bad side and if so, tell us a little about each.
Queen Riese -Yes I do. I can be super sweet but if you cross me you will probably regret it lol. When people hurt me I just ignore them like I never knew them.

T.Mill - In men/women what are your turn ons/turn offs.
Queen Riese -My turn on is confidence and my turn off is when someone is rude, inconsiderate and unappreciative.

T.Mill - If your lover were a piece of candy what would they be. 
Queen Riese -Fudge

T.Mill- Talk to the girls out there who want to be models, give them one bar of advice about modeling and what you’ve learned so far. Queen Riese -Stay focused, don't get caught up in gossip, always remain professional and stay positive.

T.Mill - Any Shout outs? 
Queen Riese -To my friends, family and supporters I love yall. To one of my favorite people UC, I love you keep, your head up, you'll be out soon.

T.Mill - Are there any events coming up:
Queen Riese - I'll be doing a lot of traveling this summer so stay tuned!

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