Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Video- Jenny V+Amber Ojeda+Zoe Saldana+Yelawolf X more = In tune with tmill August edition

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why are you pregnant? & Why are you getting her pregnant?

Somewhere in a mothers womb.

"Dear mommy & daddy,
Where are you going to find the time, money & responsibility to  take care of me? Were you watching some self help show, does nobody love you enough that you NEED somebody to love you?

Whats wrong with birth control? Did you ever consider my needs? Food stamps won't last forever and how can you teach me to be responsible & self reliant if were relying on middle class workers to provide for us?

Daddy, seriously man all it takes is a condom, and if you like it so natural take your natural behind to the clinic get fixed and buy all the antibiotics you can afford  .

At the end of the day if your having me because you truly want to, and prepared to take the responsibility seriously kudos, go have a coke and a smile.
However, welfare, neglect, and irresponsible parenting is simply child abuse. At least admit it to yourself."
Now who's gonna feed me? Thank you for coming out god bless you good night.

Lets talk movies - New Spiderman, The Help, Fright Night, Conan

Thank God I'm a Leo !
I 've got a taste & interest in a little of everything. When it comes to films I enjoy anything that's not predictable & totally unbelievable.

Lets talk about some movies shall we!

Can anyone tell me "Why Why Why" are they beginning the Spiderman franchise all over again? Don't get me wrong, Im not rooting for Toby Maguire, but c'mon why so soon after the last film he made? Was he a diva about it, did Stan Lee find his inner teenager and demand better depth in the stories, what happened? As with the Batman franchise, I am proud they put some Kahunas back into that character and "smartened up". So whats going on with the new Spider man & do you think it's going to be any good? Holla back.

If you saw any of these films, share your opinion & I'll c you guys soon.

Personally Im looking forward to Final Destination 5 , I know its predictable but you gotta give it to ol Mr. Death, he's got some clever ways of taking you out. After watching these films am I the only one walking around totally paranoid at every moment being a possible "final destination". Are the 2X4's on that truck going to slide off into my windshield? (Moving to another lane).

Monday, August 1, 2011

Jenny V

August Treat - Jenny V.

We've always said great things come in small packages & we prove it with our guest Ms. Jenny V.
This Dominican bombshell hails from Los Angeles & she took some time out to chop it up with T.Mill. 5’2, 115lbs, 36c-25-38. Model, songwriter, & full of laughs. One of our favorite flavors at Ha Candy. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Amber Ojeda

Indie Artist of the month
Amber Ojeda
Amber Ojeda is the essence, epitome,  & embodiment of soul. Not as in the genre; as in emotion, memories, & dreams. Years of dancing in theatres,conferences & singing in every imaginable ensemble has conditioned this star. 
To shine is a mere compliment, Amber Ojeda illuminates the television screen, the stage, and our imagination. Veronica Mars, Terriers, Dress My Nest, & commercials are only a few of her appearances in network television. Old Navy & Wonka have commissioned Amber for sponsorship and she’s just getting warmed up. 
Amber Ojeda is changing the status quo. Amber Ojeda is “In tune with tmill” as our artist of the month. Enjoy !

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