Monday, August 1, 2011

Amber Ojeda

Indie Artist of the month
Amber Ojeda
Amber Ojeda is the essence, epitome,  & embodiment of soul. Not as in the genre; as in emotion, memories, & dreams. Years of dancing in theatres,conferences & singing in every imaginable ensemble has conditioned this star. 
To shine is a mere compliment, Amber Ojeda illuminates the television screen, the stage, and our imagination. Veronica Mars, Terriers, Dress My Nest, & commercials are only a few of her appearances in network television. Old Navy & Wonka have commissioned Amber for sponsorship and she’s just getting warmed up. 
Amber Ojeda is changing the status quo. Amber Ojeda is “In tune with tmill” as our artist of the month. Enjoy !

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