Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why are you pregnant? & Why are you getting her pregnant?

Somewhere in a mothers womb.

"Dear mommy & daddy,
Where are you going to find the time, money & responsibility to  take care of me? Were you watching some self help show, does nobody love you enough that you NEED somebody to love you?

Whats wrong with birth control? Did you ever consider my needs? Food stamps won't last forever and how can you teach me to be responsible & self reliant if were relying on middle class workers to provide for us?

Daddy, seriously man all it takes is a condom, and if you like it so natural take your natural behind to the clinic get fixed and buy all the antibiotics you can afford  .

At the end of the day if your having me because you truly want to, and prepared to take the responsibility seriously kudos, go have a coke and a smile.
However, welfare, neglect, and irresponsible parenting is simply child abuse. At least admit it to yourself."
Now who's gonna feed me? Thank you for coming out god bless you good night.

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