Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Google Female Rapper - Kellee Maize - YouTube

Share this on facebook to get Kellee Maize's new CD in the mail FREE! Email share@kelleemaize.com after you share. This is Kellee's latest single off of her upcoming album. The song is called Google Female Rapper. You can download it for free by signing up for Kellee's email list at kelleemaize.com Special thanks to Laura Petrilla (MissLPhotography.com), Sean Kiray, Paige Lo and Rod McShane for production assistance. Thanks to H and Choze for Breakdancing. And, thanks to extras: Sean Kiray Cassie Charney Tyler Olszewski Hank Hunter Scotland Newton Thomas Green Marissa Lindsay Rachel Norris Bryan Brown Bryan Shelmon Jayquela Waller Paige Lo (Stillwagon) Rod McShane Sharnell Younger Kevin May aka Phil Osophical Laura Petrilla