Monday, April 9, 2012

Discover Music - Mi Vida Es Como Una Pelicula (My Life Is Like A Movie) | The Stereo Boyz


“Mi Vida Es Como Una Pelicula" ( My Life is like a Movie) is a collaborative effort by MC Audio (Stereo Boyz) and Detroit beatsmith Sacramento Knoxx.

The album is made up by Mic Audio's verses and Sacramento Knoxx’ production and results in a 24 track strong concept album, built on samples from our time’s most influential movies. Mic Audio’s extremely lyrical raps and Sacramento Knoxx’ signature Detroit sound deliver a perfect project for any Hip Hop head to enjoy. Mic Audio: "Quality is most important in any project I have the privilege to work on. Second is the element of surprise.

Over the head lyrics matched by sample placement.", and Sacramento Knoxx says about his work: "It's good for the soul.". Get your free download of the full album below.