Thursday, June 21, 2012

Listen & Comment - T-Mil ™ Parade snippet (explicit)

T-Mil ™ Parade snippet (explicit)

T-Mil as November 11 -Presents "Download" Vol. 1 "Single in the summer" ™- Coming this July.

One summer while visiting NYC T-Mil™ met a young lady........... Here's what went down!!!!!!!!!!

Download ™ (The art of rhyme or singing for entertainment, sport, or exercise , usually done over industry music productions.) Similar to the Mixtape fomat.

"When you have a rhyme,or song that you just wanna have fun and get it out of your head, or save it for later, you download" - T-Mil ™

Parade is "Downloaded" over French Montana's "Shot Caller"............

Lookout for More every Thursday beginning July. T-Mil Thursday