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Would you pay for Indie Radio Airplay ? Indie Artists Answer.

Would you pay for indie radio airplay?
Open chat with some of your favorite artist.

Natalie Brown;Andrea Ishman; Cynik Lethal (Phelan Barreiro)
Famine Reyez ( BluRoom Therapy); Jennifer Vazquez; Rachel Walker.

We asked some of our favorite indie artists - Would you pay for indie radio airplay? And here’s what they had to say. Share your comment below, you can even answer the question with your own opinion. We're looking forward to hearing various perspectives.

Natalie Brown

No I would not pay for Indie Radio play for these reasons:

1.) They generally don't belong to a PRO so I won't get paid for the plays
2.) The market is usually tiny and therefor the exposure is not worth paying for as the impact is low

No. It takes away the authenticity of the process. If people like your music, they will play it, and if others like it, they will request it. When artists start paying for airplay, talent and hard work no longer are factors. Everything becomes about money: who has the most, and how much they are willing to pay for a certain amount of spins on the radio.

No. It takes away the authenticity of the process.
If people like your music, they will play it, and if others like it, they will request it. When artists start paying for airplay, talent and hard work no longer are factors. Everything becomes about money: who has the most, and how much they are willing to pay for a certain amount of spins on the radio.

I'm w natalie and Andrea on this one. "pay for play" is the tactic that put our industry where it is today...
Now if there was a profit to be gained from it, that's a different story, because then that's a flip.

I been a artist/producer since 1999. I believe INTERNET got people lazy. 
It's not like before going to the store and buying CDs. I remember I use to go to NYC to Fat Beats to by records of artist's single that came with instrumentals to rap over. Now in 2012 beside me releasing music through ONLINE I still print out covers and CDs and be in the streets giving it to people. If you wanna make it in the game you gotta INVEST MONEY its the only way. So YES I WOULD PAY for Indie Radio to get my music played!'

Jennifer Vazquez
Photographer - Sade Williams

I will admit, I am on Jango. I pay for plays and I have actually gotten fans and sales this way. It all depends on the source. It's just another way for me to find those that like my music. In this crazy industry, I believe that thinking outside the box, while still working inside the box, is the best way to go.

Oh actually yeah I amend what i said... for sites that are more corporate like Jango and Earbits, I do pay for play. I thought you meant small indie radio stations, not big companies like Jango and Earbits.
But for the record I only do about 1 or 2 campaigns a year. I have super mixed feelings about it all to be honest.
I 100% agree w/ Natalie, Andriea and Phelan. Famine you make an excellent point. To get anywhere with music you have to invest. I think where it's easy to get jaded is when the return is little to nothing and you find yourself investing your life away. I know people who claim they can't live without music but feel entitled to it and will still seek free downloads or download off of youtube. I had someone announce to a crowd that he loved my music so much that he had to download the audio from YouTube....and saw nothing wrong with saying this to a crowd of people or to me (I this really a compliment?)
No one besides the people making the music actually know how much it costs to create it (legitimately) and put it out in the world. So while I don't agree with the artist having to come out of pocket yet again just to get airplay, I do understand how it may be necessary.
The way I think about Indie radio (stations that generally don't pay the PRO and ask to use music royalty free) is that they don't have a show without my quality content. Why should I pay for that? Now with Jango and Earbits I am paying for targeted plays of my music, so that's different. I know I can get some return on my investment. But just for some random indie station, no I will not pay because it's generally a lose situation. A lot of Indie stations are badly run, and don't know how to promote the talent they play. Maybe if they stepped up their game it might be worth it but these days I go for best exposure for my promotional dollar and I'm better off running Facebook or Google Ads if I want to spend money. That way I can direct people right to the listen/buy page on my site. Or I'm better putting my music on YouTube as with my distributor I now get ad share revenue and a buy link to my song in the video. That's where I'm investing my money these days for promotion and I am seeing a return on it.
Awesome Natalie! You definitely have a great handle and approach to the business of music.
Jennifer Vazquez
I agree with Natalie on Jango. I will not pay for other stations, but Jango truly allows me to target and work with what I have to gather those fans that would like to be a part of the community. This industry has changed from Creative Individuals owning record labels to business people owning the music industry and so we are left with a lot of challenges ...but they are just that... we can make money and do what we love as long as we keep thinking outside the box and be open to new opportunities surrounding being a creative artist / musician and performer.

You may click the names of each artist to visit their website, below are a few updates on each of them.

Natalie Brown (Canadian - Singer - Songwriter) -

Continues to share her latest album “The Relationship Odyssey) with her fans and the world. - The songs, in an electro-soul / R&B / Pop style, represent an odyssey through personal relationships of fictional and real-life characters.This album was 2 years in the making, all recorded in a home studio she built with her writing/production partner in Toronto, Canada.

Andrea  D Ishman is ½ of the group ISH -

ISH is a blend of soulful, sultry voices and purposeful lyrics. Though ISH is composed of a young couple, traces of old school, feel good music can be found in their shows. ISH’s sound is heavily influenced by R&B, Jazz and some Gospel powerhouse artists that they grew up listening to. Caleb and Andriea possess an appreciation for live instrumentation. Caleb is a phenomenal musician who has a knack for creating music to produce innovative performances. 

Both vocalists evolved as artists, as they were classically trained through school. 
All things creative are important to these two, and they continue to challenge themselves vocally.

Phelan Barreiro -  ( Pittsburgh- Music Producer - Artist)

Continues to produce music that is one of a kind, for artists such as Jasiri X, Kellee Maize, Wu-Lords, and recently for the audio book Steve Johnson's "How Did I Get Here: From A Kushite To A Thug". He also has victoriously competed in some of the nation's most prestigious producer battles. 2008 CD Of The Year Winner for The Black History Project, nominated Producer of The Year in 2010 and 2011 at the Pittsburgh Hip Hop Awards, he continues to produce new music daily and network while striving to help artists cut through the swath of obscurity that plagues the music industry.....

Famine Reyez - (NJ - Artist - Producer) -

½ of the group BluRoom Therapy , Famine is one of the most sought out producers. Along with his group partner Redline they continue to deliver Webisodes which explore their life and careers. You can find some of his latest creations on the Music Evaluation Series, and the latest Team Jordan Project -

Jennifer Vazquez - (New York - Singer - Musician - Songwriter) -

 Photographer:Sade Williams

Jennifer continues to create music that will last a lifetime. Through her storytelling, she is able to connect with her fans, and really get to know who they are.

Rachel Walker - (New York - Singer - Songwriter -Producer) -

Her music is described as “Sweet Soul”. Her latest album is on the way “The Ra[e]volution” a collection of songs that were designed to make you feel good and celebrate the resiliency of the human spirit and life experiences that we all can relate to.  Join the Ra[e]volution today.  

Tim Miller
Radio Host, Music Producer,
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