Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tastes Like Candy - Candy Robinson @taslikecandee

Get To Know: Candy Robinson
Ha Candy - How exciting is modeling to you? And what separates you from  every other model?

C.R - I love modeling it's fun and I turn into someone else when I do shoots, what separates me from others is that I'm not shy and game for anything.

Ha Candy - If you could do any photo shoot, anywhere, what would it be?

C.R - definitely somewhere like Dominican republic or brazil on the beach

Ha Candy - Strip Clubs in Vegas, do you suggest any? Why or why not?

C.R - I'm not a fan of the strip clubs here lol u gotta go to magic city or king of diamonds

Ha Candy - Even if you're not bi/gay every girl has a girl crush, who's yours?

C.R - no girl crush whatsoever I like penis!

Ha Candy - When someone gets to know you, what are they surprised to learn about you?

C.R - Yes they're surprised by how down to earth I am most people think i'm a bitch right off the bat

Ha Candy - Nobody's perfect, so what pros/cons do you look for when dating?

C.R - I  want an educated man with no kids, a good stable job not living with his mama. Cons? I hope he doesn't have any. Pro of being in a relationship with me, I love having sex if your with me we'll be doing it at least 4 times a day. And i'm always a good girl I never cheat. My con I can be a little selfish

Ha Candy - One thing certain in life is guy's forget at least one birthday, holiday or anniversary. What's the best way to make it up to you?

C.R - You'll have to get me a nice gift if u forget my birthday that's a no no

Ha Candy - So far with your experiences in life, what advice can you share with other girls your age, and the teenagers out here.

C.R - Never give up on ur goals never let someone tell u can't do something. I've heard a lot of negative stuff and I don't let that discourage me

Ha Candy - Any Shout Outs?

C.R - Shout out to derick and Mercedes from bag bang ent.

Ha Candy - If your lover were a piece of candy what would he be?

C.R - He would be a tootsie roll lol and a lollipop best describe me ;)

Ha Candy - Finish this sentence - I like ha candy magazine because -

C.R - It's where they have the sexiest women like me

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