Thursday, August 23, 2012

T.MIL™ Presents - Download Vol.1 - Single in the Summer "Mixtape"

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  1. Alibi  - T.MIL™ Feat. Charles Miller
  2. Secretary Service - T.MIL™ Feat. Charles Miller
  3. Think About it
  4. Parade
  5. Platinum Now
  6. Independent Women (Tribute)  - Charles Miller
  7. I Gotta Smoke - (Original) - NuffSedd (Produced by: NuffSedd)
  8. N!**@s in Paternity - T.MIL™

T.MIL™ as November 11 presents “Download Vol. 1 - Single in the Summer “
Downloading is a process derived from Mixtapes, in that artists rap, sing, speak over industry instrumentals. For the purpose of entertainment, reference ,  or exercise the verse(s) or chorus(s) may appear on original songs. Many of these songs were recorded “In the moment” during conversations in the studio.  T.MIL™ has collected some of the latest recordings from affiliates, label mates, and comrades in the music industry.

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