Friday, November 8, 2013

Alexander Star is "In tune with tmill"

Alexander Star 

Tell us the story behind “Warrior for Life.”
I wrote “Warrior 4 Life” during a time in my artistry when I had been searching for myself. Back in 2008, after living with a New York Knick for nearly two years, I took a break from my long time recording group The Free Agents to pursue my education. Now a solo artist, I asked myself, “If I were to die tomorrow…do I have music that represents who I am as a person? Music that I would be proud to have played at my funeral?” From that point on, a gate to my soul was opened for exposure through my music. I would only write things I believe in; things that came to me naturally. “Warrior 4 Life” was the first record I wrote in my search to find myself as a true artist. I’m surprised you asked me about this record, cuz I put it online for a brief period but never really promoted it. I’m happy to know it reached some folks. I may release it again when the time is right.