Friday, October 10, 2014

The Equalizer

Simply, this film is non stop action with no time for complicated storytelling, no room for explanations and context. Denzel delivers a dose of adrenaline and pure kick ass action. Best way I can explain it is, it’s just entertainment purely for the sake of entertaining. Where the film “Taken” won my sympathy for the character, and I believed in the plot overall. This film didn’t quite do that for me as I wish it had. However it’s too good not to keep out of the action collection, let alone the Denzel collection. If you're a fan of Denzel, go out and buy it, if not go find a red box or wait till it comes to Netflix.
McCall is a former black ops commando who has faked his death to live a quiet life in Boston. When he comes out of his self-imposed retirement to rescue a young girl, Teri, he finds himself face to face with ultra-violent Russian gangsters. As he serves vengeance against those who brutalize the helpless, McCall's desire for justice is reawakened. If someone has a problem, the odds are stacked against them, and they have nowhere else to turn, McCall will help. He is The Equalizer.   -(IMDB)

Directed by Antoine Fuqua. With Denzel Washington, Marton Csokas, Chloƫ Grace Moretz, David Harbour.
Based on the TV Series of the same name.

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