Friday, June 19, 2015

Fresh Friday (New Music Staff Picks) - @deejayele @William_Bolton_

Paradox East: 
This is our very first (Staff) pick. We couldn't just leave you with this "summer butter" we had to dig deeper. We reached out to Producer & Engineer Ele of this track and this is what she had to share:

We wanted to share this new single "Sweet Love" by Ele, which is the perfect soundtrack to summer.  While the beat has some hard hitting drums and killer bassline, William Bolton (on vocals) does a excellent job in making you feel like you found that summer fling! Ele's Sweet Love was originally released as an instrumental through our monthly Culture compilations and had a great response, which is how both William Bolton & Ele linked up! Hope you enjoy!

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William Bolton

Artwork by Ele
Produced and mixed by Ele
Vocals (written/performed) by William Bolton