Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Paradox East interviews Jahmirris S. CEO & Owner of Pyramid Gang Entertainment

Paradox East - How did you make the transition from artist to owner?  
Jahmirris S. - Making the transition was difficult because I just loved the culture of making music period but I also understand that if I'm going to run a multi genre record company I'm going to have to be way more focus and organized when it came to planing and being a full time record executive. 

P.E - What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? 
J.S - The challenges were diffidently there but I over came them by not listening to the naysayers and doubters and focusing on the main goal on building this brand how I dream for it to become.
P.E - Picking the first artist may be difficult, who did you first sign to the label.  
J.S - The first official artist I signed under contract would probably be Austin Hilliard our R&B/Pop singer

P.E - If you had 5 minutes to pitch your label to wealthy interested investors.
J.S - I would pitch it as Pyramid Gang Records will be the changing period of the culture of music in all genres
P.E - Tell us something unique about each artist?
J.S - Austin has a soulful sound with heartbreaks and love ...Mr.747 has a southern trap and street sound like the hustle and grind in music....Rich Lotto has the younger turnt up sound like a younger migos or Rich the kid melody 53 Judges would probably defend as a newer nirvana sound to them.....King Montiez has a music soul child or Anthony Hamilton sound to his music it's more heartfelt and meaningful P.E - Whats been the biggest accomplishments so far? 
J.S - Being labeled the youngest record label owner in the state of Alabama and have all kinds of media outlets wanting to do interviews
P.E - What can people look forward to in 2016? 
J.S - They can look forward to hear a very diverse sound and hearing more inside news on our artist brand and tour dates