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In tune with T.mill is a part of Paradox East.  

" Preserving and progressing the culture" . A multimedia organization at the forefront of digital innovation, Paradox East creates and distributes news, info, and music programming.

One of our first steps is to move this blog into a fully operational website.
This website will be open to the public, yet exclusive access for our listeners.
(free exclusive music & content)

Your donation and support goes directly to any and all things budgeted to the building and operation of our site. (Which will be cost efficient and fully competitive with today's tech demands)

Think of us as the NPR of this generation. Were here forever to  preserve  and progress the universal culture.

Specific Details of upcoming website.
Updated 3-26-15
  • Hosting - Netfirms/Wordpress
    • The Plus Plan (2 Year) -
  • Function - Deliver  strong, original media,  non bias, news & content on a regular monthly basis
  • Features -
    • Radio Shows - Station coming soon !
    • Monthly Fan Benefits
      • Birthday Tribute Packages of your favorite mainstream artists. Packed with multimedia content.
      • Give-A-Way's & contests.
      • Free/Discounted tickets to both indie & mainstream events.
    • Life Resources
    • The best indie music & videos from across the globe of all genres.
    • Music & Videos from some of today's hottest mainstream artists.
    • Digital Arena (Coming Soon) - Think of your favorite arena's, coliseums, & amphitheaters - Now imagine bringing that experience into your digital world.
    • (NOW THAT'S HOT)!!!!!!!!