Thank you for choosing Paradox East for your business needs and services. Our goal is to shape your content or product through innovation to best suit your customer and client expectations.

Our services include but not limited to
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  • Album / EP Publicity/ CampaignsWe help you to earn real public interest from interviews, reviews, previews and so much more.
    • Single & Video Publicity Campaigns - 
  • Radio PromotionWhether you're an established artist or just recorded your first song we can help get your music heard.
  • Creative ConsultingOur approach isn't cookie cutter - let our team coach you to create an effective publicity campaign.
  • *Artist Development - Coming Soon. Ask us who you should consider.
  • *Online & Print Press - Radio,TV,internet, magazine interviews, reviews, etc...  
  • *Strategic Booking & Special Event Opportunities - Primarily serving the Southeast
  • Coaching - 
  • Community Initiatives 
  • *Tour Press - Coming Soon. 
  • Lifestyle & Fashion PR - Coming Soon
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Media Training

Special Promotions Expire 5-30-16